Social Media Policy

I thought it might be useful to set out how I use social media.


I tweet quite a lot, and about a range of things: social housing, social business, digital services, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, my dog, wine, food (particularly cheese), sustainability, excess consumption, skiing, mountains, the ski chalet, the frustrations of public life.  And I like to have conversations with folks interested in similar things on twitter.

If that sounds interesting, please do connect with me there, whether we’ve met IRL or not.  I used to follow all the ‘real people’ who followed me on twitter, but I do less of that these days.  My head couldn’t keep up with the volumes – and I felt I wasn’t really engaging in as much conversation.  I usually respond to @messages (unless they’re abusive, in which case I block), so if you’ve started following me, please do say hi.


I connect with people I’ve worked with, or had professional connections with.  But not software sales people who’ve simply flogged me some SaaS kit for work.


I use it as a place to park conference presentations.  I haven’t gotten into following many people there, but if you think I’m missing something, please give me some pointers.


I keep this one for friends and family only.  Mostly its people I know IRL.  I think of it as a semi-private space (I have my settings pretty much on lock down), as I occasionally have a ‘non public’ rant to share.


My online scrapbook.  Most for craft projects that I’ll never get round to, but it makes me feel reassured that should I ever get that elusive lazy wet weekend with nothing to do, I’ll be able to give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  And its a online mood board for our chalet project.  I have created a board for infographic style CVs, and might come up with more professional uses for it in time.

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