Monthly Archives: June 2014

A spot of customer feedback for BT.

Oh god. I’ve become one of those people that writes rant-o-grams. But really BT, I’ve been driven to distraction, whilst trying to give you my custom….

They offered Sainsbury’s vouchers if you ordered online. Of course I ordered online. I’m a digital-type of person. My order didn’t make it into their fulfilment system. I had to ring up, over and over again. Eventually I got the broadband, but not the vouchers.

Bizarrely I don’t really care about the vouchers. But I do care about my wasted time and negative energy thing. And I’d quite like for BT to be a good company, delivering good service, so I followed up.

Well, to be honest I ranted. But man I hate those bloody IVR call routers. Theirs took me 3mins 22 seconds each time to speak to a person. Yep, I’m now that persons that times those interactions.

Please can you review the case file.

I originally ordered online, with installation booked for 6th June. Something went wrong with your back office systems and my order got lost in “no mans land” and I received daily SMS alerts “just to let you know, your installation has been delayed”. No helpful information about when it was delayed too. After various phone calls, promises of call backs that didn’t arrive, and eventually a marathon call of nearly an hour, with most of it listening to your “on hold music”, the order was finally resurrected.

However your call-handler advised the best way he could resurrect it was to do it over the phone. So I went through the entire ordering process that I did online, again with him over the phone. I specifically raised the issue of the Sainsbury’s Vouchers. He put me on hold “for just a moment” – which turned out to be 20 minutes of you on hold music. He eventually returned, and advised that his supervisor had said it was OK, he would have to log it as that I’d tried to book online, but the website was down, and the vouchers would be sent.

I did indeed order online. It was a far more delightful experience than being stuck in your call routing IVR experience, but you lost my order. I then lost a few hours of my life chasing you up, in order to give you MY custom.

And now you want to quibble over the vouchers. Nice. Please either send me the Sainbury’s vouchers or details about how to raise a formal complaint. Your call.


My broadband was installed last week. It’s great, it’s fast. I can’t get iplayer to work yet, but hey, I’ll save that problem for another day.