Making Christmas Cards.

It started out as a bit of fun a few years ago, making Christmas cards.  But its taken on a life of its own now, and its one of the few rituals of Christmas I do.  But this year its become a bit of a statement.

I get piles of unwanted direct mail each week.  And given my demographic, it seems to mostly be about floaty clothes or home furnishings.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do like nice furniture, but really.  These things irk me.  They hold out some promise of a perfect life: buy this item of white washed furniture / blanket / item of clothing and be magically happier / thinner / more successful.  Its all a pile of bollocks really isn’t it.  You’ll just be a few quid lighter, and the possessor of a new thing.

So the idea of turning this nonsense into something nice for folks I’m fond of at Christmas seemed appealing.  We don’t do Christmas presents in our house, we give each other a two-week skiing holiday and leave the country instead.  I can’t bear the advertising, the excess consumption, the drunken accidents.  But I do like taking some time out to make things, personally.  So here they are.  Philosophical statement through the medium of Christmas card, in 4 easy steps.

1.  Crappy advertising

1. Crappy advertising

Make snowflakes

2.  Make snowflakes

fold, spray, stick

3.  fold, spray, stick

leave to dry

4.  leave to dry


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