Monthly Archives: April 2013

The CV. Communicating Value

The CV.  The Curriculum Vitae.  The latin translation is more or less “the course of my life”.

Most of the ones I see are pretty regular layouts, ten point font on portrait A4.  Twelve point font if I’m lucky (note this if you’re writing one – the person reading it might not have youthful sight – 12 point trumps 10 point every time).  Sometimes some nice design work has gone in.  More often than not though, it hasn’t.  Its been an exercise in cramming in facts.

What strikes me more than anything though, is that CVs are backward facing.  Historical.  Telling us what the writer has done.  I’m beginning to wonder if they should come with one of those of financial services warnings attached.  You know, the ones that say “Past history is no guarantee of future performance”.

What would a CV be like if it was forward looking?  Communicating Value.

Maybe like this?

or this…?