We made a newspaper

The-Carrier-225x300Ok, its not going to rival the circulation of the Guardian anytime soon, but still.  We made a newspaper.

The Carrier comes from a group of 42 people, all involved in interesting work with some kind of social purpose.  The inspiration came to @CassieRobinson when a friends mum said…

“…I’d love to know more about the sorts of projects my daughter and her peers are doing – but those things just don’t make it into the papers”.

If you’re more of a newspaper reader than a netizen, your news is still mediated by the press barons.  And social innovation projects aren’t yet headline grabbers for most part.

Cassie took up the mantle of co-ordinator, finding contributors, securing their financial and copy commitments, and a way of doing it online.  The 42 wrote their copy (including some of us at the *last* minute of course), Cassie collated, and a few weeks later its rolled off the press.  It looks great, and the stories are inspirational stuff.  Happy days.

Big up the newspaperclub.com for providing the web tools to make it possible.

And big up @CassieRobinson for being the amazing connector that brings together 42 stories to make a newspaper.

I just love how the internet enables offline things.  I love how those boundaries are blurring.

I wonder if this could be a model for a new type of customer magazine magazine for Housing Associations.  They’re often expensive to produce for smaller organisations – the cost of traditional printing makes smaller print-runs uneconomic.  Maybe this is a route forward?  A way for local community groups can get together to make their *own* paper.

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